Celplast specialises in the production of egg containers made of recyclable plastic materials.

Founded in 1981, and therefore counted among the pioneers of the egg packaging market, today our company supplies packaging to over 400 customers in the domestic and foreign markets.
A constant focus on innovation has enabled us, over the years, to constantly improve our products and the way in which they are produced, to the full benefit of their increasing quality and respect for the environment.

Founded in Vigonza, in the province of Padua, in 1981 as a small workshop for the production of packaging, Celplast immediately stood out for its strong innovative spirit, a reflection of the attentive and visionary minds of its founding members. It is this innovative spirit that, right from the start, has enabled our company to be recognised as one of the pioneers in the plastic egg packaging market.
In the mid-1980s, the Vigonza workshop was already not enough, “forcing” us to successfully move to what is still our company headquarters today.
These are the years in which, thanks to the increase in the range, the opening to foreign markets, but also the evolution of large-scale distribution and the consequent emergence of food safety regulations, our company, from an artisanal reality, is definitively transformed into a structured industrial reality, becoming, in the early 2000s, the Italian market leader.
If it is true that this is the year in which the economic crisis has put many companies in difficulty, for us, instead, it is the year of a very important goal: obtaining the UNI EN ISO 22000:2005 Quality Certification.
Over the last 10 years, we have continued to innovate our products and production lines in order to keep up with the renewed demands of the international market. Our investments in Research and Development are, in fact, oriented towards meeting the demand for product design, both in terms of elegance and marketing space, and to ensure greater transparency of the plastic for better product visibility.


We always like to remind our customers that all Celplast production takes place in our plant in the province of Padua. We follow our models from their design through to the testing stages, which we carry out at the automated plants of our most loyal customers.


Our technical department creates the designs of our models based on the needs of the market and the specific requests of our customers.

Raw material

We buy our plastic granules from reliable suppliers. Our concern for the environment leads us to purchase a large proportion of recycled raw material.

Semi-finished product

From the raw material, we create our own semi-finished products, based on the characteristics required by our customers.


Once our rolls of semi-finished products are ready, we transfer them to the various thermoforming machines which, depending on the model, deliver the finished product.

Screen printing or labelling

Depending on whether the product requires a label (which we have printed externally on our graphics) or screen printing, our products are completed with the marketing information that is essential to the customer.

We are also able to offer the customer pulp plateaux of 20 and 30 eggs, insert trays and cardboard boxes for transporting eggs.
Since 1981, CELPLAST has been supplying packaging materials, from stretch film to AIRBOLL®<7sup>, from AIRCELL® to adhesive tape, from heat-shrinkable polyethylene to everything you need to package your product.



We cooperate with leading research institutes in order to produce packaging that offers more space for your communications, thanks to a larger label area. In this way, we can dispense with the lithographed cardboard outer carton, producing less waste, to the sole benefit of the environment.


A major investment in research and development has enabled us to optimise the size of our products. We have thus been able to reduce the number of transports, which is good for the customer and good for the environment. This optimisation also allows the customer to store more products in the warehouse, thus reducing production times.

Technical support

Our technical staff is committed to making an outing to the customer’s packing station when the first production run with our products is started. In this way, we ensure the best possible set-up of the customer’s automated equipment, so that it can adapt to our packaging and guarantee rapid, non-stop production.



Celplast meets the global BRCGS standard which guarantees the quality and safety of the food products that it brings to the market.
The BRCGS standard is periodically examined through internal controls, which ensure that a high level of product is maintained.
Through the annual renewal of BRCGS quality standards with certified Audits, in terms of food safety, Celplast constantly works towards the production of ideal products in the food market.

Moreover, all our products comply with the following regulations:

  • DM of 21/03/1973 and subsequent amendments;
  • REG 1935/2004/CE DM 2002/72/CE and following updates;
  • DIR 2007/19/CE REG 2023/CE of 2006;
  • REG 2023/2006/EC;
  • Regulation 10/2011/EC and subsequent updates and amendments.


Our main partnerships are related to innovation and Research and Development. We are fully involved in the development of our production facilities and, for this reason, we like to collaborate with other companies that share our corporate vision.
This is the case with our partner BI-Research, with whom we have developed a system for screen printing our products, built exactly to our requirements. This is a very important investment of time and resources, which allows us to offer a unique service to our customers.