Significant investment in research and development has enabled us to optimise the footprint of our products. As a result, we have been able to reduce the number of transports, which is good for both the customer and the environment. This optimisation of space also allows customers to store more products in the warehouse, which further reduces their production times.

Optimising transport

We have worked hard to reduce the volume of our packaging, and we are able to load up to 30% more product onto each individual pallet. This not only enables us to guarantee you significant savings in shipping costs, but also to significantly reduce the environmental impact of each of our shipments.

Savings compared to pulp transport

The small footprint of our products allows us to transport three times as much packaging as is possible with pulp egg cartons. The equation is easy: one lorryload of Celplast products is equivalent to three lorriesloads of pulp products in terms of the quantity of products transported. This important discriminating factor has a direct, virtuous effect, which immediately translates into: fuel savings for transport, greater respect for the environment thanks to the reduction in pollution produced by shipping and, finally, significantly lower shipping costs.

Fast delivery times

Thanks to the flexibility of our production, we can quickly accommodate your needs for unforeseen peaks in production. This means that you do not have to worry about building up large inventories and that you keep the freedom to vary the products you purchase.

Shipping competitiveness

Our strategic proximity to the international port of Venice makes us extremely competitive in sea shipments to all parts of the world.

Fulfilment of customs practices

We take care of all the necessary customs formalities so that shipments are completed in the shortest possible time. Our staff take care of all the documentation and keep you constantly updated on the progress of both the paperwork and the shipments.