Not just products, but a proven system of services and benefits designed to offer you concrete support.

We constantly strive to support our customers in the day-to-day running of their business: this is why, by collaborating with Celplast, you will always have all our experience at your disposal, both in terms of technical and logistical assistance and in identifying logistical and marketing solutions that can help you make your work more efficient, every day.

Marketing services

We cooperate with leading research institutes in order to produce packaging that offers more space for your communications, thanks to a larger label area. This means we can do away with the lithographed cardboard sleeve, producing less waste and benefiting the environment.

Logistics services

A major investment in research and development has enabled us to optimise the footprint of our products. As a result, we have been able to reduce the number of transports, benefiting both the customer and the environment. This optimisation also allows the customer to store more products in the warehouse, thus reducing production times.

Technical support

Our technical staff is committed to visiting the customer’s packing station when the first production run with our products starts. In this way, we ensure the best possible set-up of the customer’s automated equipment, so that it can adapt to our packaging and guarantee rapid, non-stop production.