We collaborate with leading research institutes in order to produce packaging that offers more space for your communications, thanks to a larger label area. In this way, we can dispense with the lithographed cardboard sleeve and produce less waste, which is of exclusive benefit to the environment.

Marketing-driven product design

We are very attentive to our customers’ needs, especially when it comes to marketing requirements. That is why we strive to create designs that leave plenty of room for advertising. Larger labelling surfaces not only make the product much more visible, but also allow more advertising information to be placed on the product. The new PRO range has been designed to give you even more space for labelling, helping you to increase the value of your sales.

Label compliance consultancy

Our many years of experience in the industry means that we know all about the regulations in our market. We use this knowledge to help you include all the legally-required wording on your labels so that your products comply with European regulations.

Customising labels

We work with leading graphic designers to find the visual solution that best represents your company and allows you to promote your products effectively.

Label printing

If it is true that labels should be given ample space, it is also true that it is increasingly important that the printing of labels is taken care of down to the last detail. That’s why we only use the best selected suppliers who use the most innovative printing techniques to guarantee the highest quality results.

Screen printing on the product

If you have chosen to print your graphics directly onto the product without using labels, we would like you to know that we take care of both the graphic files and the printing on the product in-house, with a brand new system created thanks to extensive research and development.