3.1.1/A-Aid for investments in machinery, equipment and intangible assets, and support for company reorganisation and restructuring processes. Manufacturing sector.

The project has led to the purchase of machinery and equipment that have enabled product and process innovation for the company.

With regard to product innovation, the company has purchased:

  • An automatic labelling machine
  • Exposure, washing and drying system
  • Mould matrix 2×6
  • Mould plate 4×6

The company has also started a new type of processing: the transformation of PET plastic, to be used for the production of transparent egg cups.

To start this process, the company has purchased

  • A grinder

In order to achieve its objectives, the company has also introduced:

  • Automatic manipulators
  • Odour extraction plant
  • Server

The financial support granted amounts to €67,500.00.